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 To instill a national consciousness

of corporate responsibility towards the sustenance of a clean environment and beautification, which will ultimately attract and improve local and foreign economic investments and tourist attractions by collaborating with Federal, State, local governments, private and corporate organizations for support, cooperation and provision of basic infrastructure to control and eliminate debris from our environment as well as educating the public on the need to use them.

In total, to promote quality of lives of individuals, human dignity, health and wellness through environmental cleanliness sensitization, advocacy and intervention programs as stated in our objectives.


Collaboration with Government and Private Sector

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Grassroots Consciousness and enlightenment

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Public Awareness

Public Awareness and enlightenment campaigns

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Environmental Cleanliness

Environmental cleanliness shows on Radio and Television stations

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Aims and Objectives


To re-culture the mindset of Nigerians to take personal responsibility of cleaning and maintaining their immediate environment which will ultimately enhance their hygienic conditions, improve beautification of their surroundings and create positive outcomes like eliminating the trauma of short lifespan due to diseases and other environmentally linked threats to healthy and productive lifestyles, dissonance caused by unhygienic and unsanitary living conditions.


To continuously enlighten the Nigerian public on the physical, health, social, economic hazards caused by unhygienic environment and unsanitary living conditions by enforcing this through all available platforms, such as public enlightenment campaigns, rallies, public lectures, awareness initiatives, Mass Media (Print, social, T.V, Radio, and Internet etc.

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Purposeful Determination

Purposeful determination towards nation building; creating a clean and beautiful Nigeria.

Cleanliness Business

To help them start up to become mega in cleanliness business.by rendering cleaning services professionally, efficiency and excellently.

Cleanliness Culture

To reflect a cleanliness culture and excellence in their work and services.

Orientation Cleanliness

To instill a national culture and orientation of cleanliness.

Employers Of Labor

To earn and become employers of labor.

Transformation Agents

To become environmental transformation agents.

Clean and Beautiful Atmosphere Initiative


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